making the concrete pots

To make our eco-friendly concrete pots, we use cement, sand and GGBS which is a more sustainable concrete to other commercial versions. It also makes our product have a nicer finish.

You can buy an individual concrete pot for £4, one with a spiderplant for £5 and one with a succulent for £7.

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our instagram

if you want t go folllow our instagram or just go check us out you can go to


comak.official :)

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Nearing the end of the big challenge

As there is only a few days untill the end of the big challenge, we would like to say thank you for the support towards our business and to anyone who has bought one of our products. Even though this process is ending, we are still going to be running our business and taking orders via our instagram (@comak.official). We also have a twitter now which is @comak25691468 and you can also order off us on there.

Thank You again,

Team Comak    :)

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our product

our product

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hi we are comak

Hello everyone we are comak a team that sell handamade concrete pots (with plants) and macrame hanging plant holders.

Good Luck to everyone

Yours Sincerely

Team Comak.


our instagram is comak.official go check us out.

We also have twitter (@comak25691468)

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