We have officially done the presentation! We tried our best and we hope that it was enough to get to the award ceremony.Well done to all the other teams who presented as well!!!! Also, we are so grateful that we even got this far, it has been an amazing experience for all of us and we are thankful for all the support we have gotten throughout this journey! We will see who goes through on Friday and we will update you then!!!! Xx

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Surely our cutomers want to know the magic behind the taste! Here are some pictures of how we make it!! Xx

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Hi everyone! Just to updaate you all we had a sale this morning and made an additional £43! This is takings of course but it was a great way to use up left over ingredients ready for some of us to start again fresh (continuing the business,) and some of us to carry on ith busy lives!

we'll see you soon!! Xxx

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We are ecstatic that we are through to the next phase! We can't wait to see all the other groups! 

Congratulations to everyone who got through and well done to everyone who didn't. We're sure you'll all understand it has been a bumpy ride. We know we are all have had prolems (we hope everyone else has- not in a mean way but I doubt we are the only ones who've struggled a little!) 

We have all been through this journey together and we are very proud of everyone!

Thanks everyone for being brilliant competition.! Xx

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Hello! This blog is just to let our customers know that we will be continuing to sell! We will not be having quite as many sales however we will still be selling at school, to family, friends and everyone who wants to buy!

We wil try to adapt our business in new ways so it is less demanding of our time. We hope to contine being sucsessful. If you have any suggestions on how we could improve please contact us; your advice is very valuble to us:

email: or instagram: _choco.co_

Thank you!! Xx

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Hello! We have just heard the news that we will be competing in the next round of the big challenge! We are very lucky and very grateful! We have been shortlisted to do a short 5 minute presentation to the big challenge judges. We are a little nervous but this is our final chllenge and final chance to prove ourselves a sucsessful business deservant of one of the prizes. We are not sure how many teams were shortlisted. Anyone who knows how many please let us know: or instagram: _choco.co_

Thank you!! Xx 

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