Media and Marketing!!!!

We are entering the media and marketing award and we are putting a lot of effort in and hoping that we are one of the top 6. We really think that we have really developed our media and marketing skills and we hope that they are represented in our presentation. We will post another blog later telling you guys how it went!!

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Hi everyone! We sold at the lydgate infant school fair today! We did very well and are proud to say we very amost sold out. We are including some photos of our stall at the begging with us manning it by the end we only had 6 slabs and only 1 bauble left! Thankyou Lydgate for having us and thankyou to everyone who came and bought our chocolate! Well done Smile & Stitch (they we're at the fair too). We hope you did well. Thankyou!

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We did not win the flying start competition so you won't be seeing us at the moor market next saturday! ):   ):   ): CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAMS WHO WON! We will put all our efforts into winning digital marketing/digital media competition. We ill post again soon!! Xxx

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WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A STALL AT LYDGATE INFANT SCHOOL ON: SATURDAY THE 1ST OF DECEMBER! You should definately come along we will have some festive themed chocolates and will be swapping chocolate lollies for chocolate baubles!!! It's the perfect time for you to buy all your christmas goods from so make sure your there!! Xxx

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Lauren has created us some feedback forms! These will be in the packaging of every slab of chocolate so look out for them. We want to know what you really think of our chocolate feedback helps us make improvements. We always listen and wherever possible make changes according to your feedback. If you have any queries or would prefer to feed back virtually please contact us @: or on instagram direct message (DM) @: _choco.co_.

Thankyou very much!! Xxx

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Each of our team members is describing another team member to help our consumers get to know each of us! this blog post is about: Salma! Salma is less involved in production and more the markating girl in our group. She set us up an instagram account for us created a brilliant logo using a special appication which she used to create a poster too. We would be unknown to the world without her and we could not possibly be without her.

basic fact: 

age: 12

school year: 8

nickname: chickie

We hope that this will help you get to know each of us better!! Xxx 

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Each member of our team has to describe anothor member of our team so our consumers can get to know us better! this blog post is about: Lauren! Lauren is also part of the production team and is definately the common sense of the group she has her eyes on the prize and helps us use strategey and brings common sense to the table if the rest of us get carried away! She is a much valued team member and we'd be lost without her!

Basic fact:

age: 13

school year:8

nickname: Loz

We hope that this will help you get to know our team members better!! Xxx

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