beginning of week 8- $800

We have been doing very well and have now gone up to 144 clients, hopefully we keep making good progress. 

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Week 7

We have just got everything set up with our new data machine in Paris . Thanks to this it has massively increased our profits, from £450 on Friday (17/11) and now on Tuesday (21/11) we have increased by £250 in 4 days and now we are up to £700! This was our goal to reach by the start of the new year so now we can keep moving on and exceed all our goals 


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[Changelog] 4

  • The affiliate programme has been completely reworked so now any client can sign up and make a unique link to distribute and when a new client purchases a plan after clicking a affiliate link the affiliate would get 20% of the purchase in credit that could be used for their next bill.
  • A new Routing server has been setup for quicker client connections.

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