We now have a new product!

It is a little jar with Iron filings in it that you can move around with a magnet. We made this product beacuse we found that people really liked playing with the magnets and iron filings in our physics lesson, as they enjoyed playing with them we though that people might like to buy them. we found the iron filings by asking workshops, and then we put them in a small container and added the magnet to the outside so that you can move the iron filings around. 

We are also looking at selling in a shop that we have gotten permission from, and also looking for craft fairs that we might be able to sell in.

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An introduction to- Laura


My name is Laura. Here are some of the things I do for our business:

1. I make, design and sell our products. When we have an idea for a new product, I'm the one who's responsible for polishing the design. I am the main producer of our products, however Gaganjit and Rania sometimes help in making simple bracelets and pom-poms. We make our products ourselves, to make sure that our business practice is ethical. I am also usually the one to sell things, eg getting orders from people, or showing people our products.


2. I am the main organiser. Whether it's making sure that my teamates remember things, or setting up meetings, I do it. I ensure that everything runs smoothly with the business, and i make sure that everyone stays happy.


I hope that you will get to know our business better through these posts.

Thank you!

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For More Information!

For more information about our products,you can follow us on:

Instagram: @genesis.bigchallenge

Pinterest: Genesis bigchallenge 

Or visit our website: https://genesisbigchallenge.wixsite.com/website

if you would like to order anything, email us- genesis.bigchallenge@gmail.com

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Introduction to Gaganjit

Hello, my name is Gaganjit and I am in charge of keeping count of the money we make, and keeping track of our stock for our team. I also help in making some our our products eg) Fishtail Bracelets and PomPom Chains 

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Introduction to Rania

Hello, my name is Rania I am incharge of social media for our team Genesis. I have so far created several accounts e.g Pintrest and Instragram and created a website for our team furthermore I also help ordering online material. 

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