My name is Laura. Here are some of the things I do for our business:

1. I make, design and sell our products. When we have an idea for a new product, I'm the one who's responsible for polishing the design. I am the main producer of our products, however Gaganjit and Rania sometimes help in making simple bracelets and pom-poms. We make our products ourselves, to make sure that our business practice is ethical. I am also usually the one to sell things, eg getting orders from people, or showing people our products.


2. I am the main organiser. Whether it's making sure that my teamates remember things, or setting up meetings, I do it. I ensure that everything runs smoothly with the business, and i make sure that everyone stays happy.


I hope that you will get to know our business better through these posts.

Thank you!

Posted on 2018-10-04 13:12:53