Here are some of our brand new dog breeds ready for you now in a variety of colours:

- Jack Russells (Brown & White, Tricolour)

- Border Terriers (Grizzle)

- Chihuahuas (Fawn, Black & Tan)

- Cockapoos (Apricot, Chocolate, Black)

- Cavaliers (Ruby - which is red/gold, Tricolour, Blenheim - which is classic red and white)

When ordering you can either use our premade, breed specific phrase or use your own short comment to add a personal touch.

Here are our premade phrases for the latest breeds:

- Crazy Cockapoos

- Bashful Borders

- Cheeky Chihuahuas

- Jumpy Jack Russells

Posted on 2018-10-29 19:13:41