Hi everyone!


So if you've been reading our other blogs  or you follow us on instagram (If you don't our account is called "demonknits"!)you'll know we were at the KES Christmas Market and it was SOOOO FUN!


We profited £33 so i'm fairly happy with that!

But the best part was meeting everyone else! We met some fellow knitters there and they gave us some of their Amazing stock because they said they were impressed with our work *blush*! THANK YOU!

We also met loads of other local businesses and it was AWESOME!


Shoutout to everyone there!


Also Izzy got this Necklace she REALLY wanted...she was staring at it for half of the time we were there...thank you, Anousha, for buying it for her!!!!


There are so many other cool people that were there it would take ages to list all of them!

But if you were there, why not get back to us via Instagram?!


-Thanks Everyone!!




-PS: Good luck to Everone entering Marketing and Media

Posted on 2018-12-12 13:04:30