More photos of stock

Here are some pictures of some stock we will be selling at kes tomorrow and on Friday:)

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Christmas Stock :)

Hi all,

we now have some christmas stock!

we are selling decorations to put on your christmas tree! I will try and add some photos :)


Iris Jefferies 

social media manager 

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Jewelry Boxes

Each with a handmade mini cushion.

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Coaster Holders

Our beautiful coaster holders. £3.00

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Here are some of our beautiful coasters⚪🟤, each design is unique.

Thank you,

                    Sophia Boylan

                    Spokesperson of the Pyrography Emporium

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When we are selling (at KES)


we will be selling our products next week Friday, and in the week after on a Wednesday andFriday. Also a reminder that we will have a stall at the kes Christmas fair where we will be  selling Christmas decorations such as baubles! 
Please consider buying,

Thank you,

Iris Jefferies

Social Media Manager  

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Yet again


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