We've been shortlisted !!!!

We have been shortlisted for the Made in Sheffield award! We would like to congratulate all the other teams who have partisipated in Big Challenge 12 and hope that everyone does well in the future.  

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Our Kelham Island success

If any you have ever experianced selling or even visting Kelham Islands Pedlars stall then you will know that it is packed with people hunting for the perfect stoking filler or the high for their familys christmas. We sold our bath bomb from 10am - 3pm and sold all of our 30 bubbling beauties and came away with £90!!!!! We sold lavender and orange hearts and circular bath bombs and then some candycane crush round bombs. Our new addition to our stall is our fairy dust perfect for your sibilings and other family members. They sold amazingly as all of them went in a flash as people were intreaged as we used our failed bath sensations. 

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Our amazing bubbling bath bombs

Thier so relaxing!!!!!

Our homemade bath bombs will sooth your skin and massage your memories. Candycane, strawberry, cocoa, chocolate orange and peppermint are all flavours of our comforting bath beauties.

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