When do we sell?

Hannah is selling the chocolate bars from Monday to Wednesday. So, if you want a chocolate bar you must keep in mind that i do not sell them on Thursday or Friday. If you did not know, one chocolate bar is 50p, or you can buy 2 for a pound.

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We a releasing a new limited edition flavour. This chocolate bar will be selling for a limited time only, but we may bring it back due to popular demand. 

I know you might be wondering, so what is this special flavour? The new limited edition bar includes the yummy cookie OREO. Family, friends, and myself have already tried this new bar and we can all agree it is 100% yummy. Pick one up while you have the chance, before we stop selling them. 

Thank you for reading and following the development of Chocgraphy. Have a lovely rest of your day! 

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Where can you buy a chocgraphy bar?

If you are wanting to purchase a chocolate bar, you have a couple of options. First, you can find me (Hannah) or Clara in the Forge Valley library at breaktime on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. As we do not sell on Thursdays and Fridays. Or, you could DM us on Instagram on when and where you would like your chocolate bar. 

Have a lovely rest of your day, and thank you for following the development on our business. 

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