Hello everyone,

Did you see us at the Sheffield Girls' High Christmas craft fair on Friday 30th November?

Well we made a wopping £120 and sold around 40 products!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, and a big well done to the other BiG Challenge teams selling at the fair on Friday.

Didn't see us there?

Then stay up to date with our latest news, events, breeds and products and contact us via Instagram @geomuttric

Or visit our new website:

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Our new website is up and running!

For the latest news, updates and events, visit our new website regularly! You can send us a message via the contact us page, or use the social bar for a direct link to our instagram. Don't worry, all our details including email address and where to find us are just a click away!

Just use the link:

Remember to check the blog page for all the latest breeds and products so you can get in there while stock lasts!


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Hello everyone,

We are so happy to announce that we have won the flying start competition!

This was completely unexpected and we are so pleased!

So come and see us on Saturday 8th December at the Moor Markets, for our biggest sale event yet!

We can't wait to see you there :)

The Geomuttric Team

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We had a great day yesterday, on the 17th November at the Yorkshire bank on Fargate. It was a great venue and lovely staff - so a big thank you to the bank for having our stall!

In total, we made £68.99 which we are extemely proud of!

If you didn't see us at the bank, then why not check out our stalls at the Sheffield High School and King Edward's Christmas craft fairs!

For more details follow us on instagram @geomuttric

Or send us an email at

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Who are we?

If you don't know much about our team, then social media is a great place to start!

Follow us on Instagram @geomuttric for our latest news, designs and products available for you!

Or email us with for any questions you might have!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Christmas is Coming!

Everyone's excited for Christmas, and it's time to start shopping!

At Geoumuttric, we have the pawfect stocking fillers and presents! Don't miss our stall at the Yorkshire Bank, Fargate this Saturday, the 17th November!

Come and buy our range of:

Coasters - £2.50

Frames - £11.99

Keychains - £2.20

Magnets - £2.00

Our designs are unique, cute and stylish! We personalise any product with your own message and choice of font for no extra cost, which makes a more thoughtful gift this Christmas.


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New dog breeds ready for order now!

Here are some of our brand new dog breeds ready for you now in a variety of colours:

- Jack Russells (Brown & White, Tricolour)

- Border Terriers (Grizzle)

- Chihuahuas (Fawn, Black & Tan)

- Cockapoos (Apricot, Chocolate, Black)

- Cavaliers (Ruby - which is red/gold, Tricolour, Blenheim - which is classic red and white)

When ordering you can either use our premade, breed specific phrase or use your own short comment to add a personal touch.

Here are our premade phrases for the latest breeds:

- Crazy Cockapoos

- Bashful Borders

- Cheeky Chihuahuas

- Jumpy Jack Russells

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