Awards, here we come!

So excited to here that we have won an award!!!

Can't wait to see the other teams there and find out what we have won!

Well done to all the teams who have got through, as well as all the 14 finalists. And of course everyone else who have created such amazing businesses!

Looking forward to the ceremony,

Best of luck to all the other teams.



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Today we started off the presentations at 9:30.

Hopefully we made a good impression on the judges!

Obviously, we didn't see the other team's pitches but we are sure they were all great! Good luck everyone!

Now we just have to wait and see if we've made it to the awards ceremony...

But if not then we are so thrilled to get this far!

The Geomuttric Team

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BiG News!


So excited to hear that we are through to the judging round of the BiG Challenge!

We are grateful for everybody's support, and wish our luck to all the other teams who have made it this far!

Thanks, and good luck!

The Geomuttric team

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Please FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @geomuttric

and we will FOLLOW YOU BACK if you are a BiG Challenge team!

If you are interested in any of our products, then it is the perfect place to find out about what we do.

We currently have a breed countdown on instagram, so don't forget to check that out daily!


Team Geomuttric

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Latest News, Congratulations and Good Luck

Just wanted to say a big WELL DONE to Kaktus, the winner of the Marketing snd Media awards, along with Waxy Co, as runner up. Also congrats to all the commended teams.

We are all excited (I'm sure) to hear that the BiG Trip destination is... LISBON!!!


So best of luck to everyone trying to finish those final reports!


The Geomuttric Team

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We have... CATS!!!

This exciting news is something we've been considering for a long time. And after many requests we have decided to extend our range to put a miaow in our art! We will still mainly focus on dogs, as that is what we are all about. But consider felines as our side range of products within the business of geomuttric. So far we have designed black and white short haired cats, and soon we are planning on having:

  • Tabbies (ginger, grey & brown)
  • Long haired white and black
  • Persians
  • Maine Coons
  • British Shorthairs
  • Bengals
  • Siamese
  • And many more!

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Trade Fair at SHS

At our last ever school trade fair, we made an amazing £46.19 in only one lunch time! 

It was a really good selling event for us, as we had lots of people interested in our latest breeds including shiba inus, as well as favourites such as cocker spaniels and westies.

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