Photo Shoot!!

We'll be back in a couple of minutes to show you our Popsy Photo Shoot!


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Price: £3.50

Order: At the stall

Arrival: 1-4 days (a school week at the very most)

Design: Initials or simple animal

Please leave on the order form: Full name, Form, Order, Date, Collection time and place.

Order soon while stocks last!! 😄


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Anyone Interested?

Anyone who is interested in buying our product, please contact us via Instagram. We will be putting our next sale dates in future blogs so that customers can see where we will be selling phone holders/collecting orders next. 😃


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Y7 Parents' Evening Stall

We will be selling phone holders at the Y7 parents' evening for £3.50 each. Only students of KES can put an order in, paying £2.00 on the night and then a further £1.50 on the day of delivery. Parents and older/younger siblings can buy ready-made versions featuring a pattern or simple drawing. These will be sold for £3.50 as well. 


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