Mixing resin

Wow look at these amazing mermaid colours! We will be creating lots of different ranges using sea-inspired colour schemes. We are looking forward to hearing from our customers about which ranges they like the best.


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Big Challenge 2020!

Hi everyone, we are really exited to be participating in the big challenge this year. We are Natalie & Esmé from KES and we are selling handmade aquatic-themed resin jewellery. We design and make each piece ourselves, every piece is unique, no two are the same. 

We are named after a rare type of sea shell called a junonia shell 🐚  and our logo is a digital drawing of a Junonia shell (by Esmé).

We will be selling rings bangles and pendants (so there should be something for every price range) 

Keep watching our blog and Instagram: @junoniajewellery  to see our different ranges as we create them.

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