Total made so far!

Safiyyah and I have sold candles to our friends, family and to the public at our stall.

We have made £138.50 which will be £108.50 after we have paid the £30 to The Big Challenge. 

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The finished product!

Some of the candles once they're made.

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Making candles!!

Here are pictures of our candle making process.

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Our Range

Our candles come in many different shapes, colours, sizes and scents. The candles that we sell are small, medium and large, we also have specials that are other sizes and have different moulds. Our scents are floral smells. 

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We took part in the christmas fair at King Edwards upper school.We made over £35 and it was a very sucessful.The candles we sold were varied from scented pariafin to beeswax.

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