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Christmas at KES

Hi everyone!


So if you've been reading our other blogs  or you follow us on instagram (If you don't our account is called "demonknits"!)you'll know we were at the KES Christmas Market and it was SOOOO FUN!


We profited £33 so i'm fairly happy with that!

But the best part was meeting everyone else! We met some fellow knitters there and they gave us some of their Amazing stock because they said they were impressed with our work *blush*! THANK YOU!

We also met loads of other local businesses and it was AWESOME!


Shoutout to everyone there!


Also Izzy got this Necklace she REALLY wanted...she was staring at it for half of the time we were there...thank you, Anousha, for buying it for her!!!!


There are so many other cool people that were there it would take ages to list all of them!

But if you were there, why not get back to us via Instagram?!


-Thanks Everyone!!




-PS: Good luck to Everone entering Marketing and Media

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Moor News (I know my jokes are horrible! ;)!

Today we were at the Moor Market with all of the other FABULOUS teams who won the Flying Start!


We met loads of cool people with great buisness ideas and if you ask us, that's the most important part of this competition, meeting cool people!


However, making some money along the way never hurts!


Today was a great day for us and we hope to see the other teams again!


A big Shoutout to WaxyCo, KAKTUS, Bear Necessities, Geomuttric and Petsy and Pooch!

Also to all of our customers and the people who were at the Moor Market today!

And of course to our amazing friend Ruby-Jay!


-Thanks everyone!


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We have Instagram!

Hi again!


So it took a while but we finally have Instagram up and running! YAY! You can follow us @demonknits and soon (Like very soon) we will have a website ready to go with it!


Why not go check us out?



-Thanks :)



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Come see us at KES!!

Hello, everyone!

We hope you're all excited for our Moor Market sale next week (Saturday 8th December, just in case you forgot)!


But we will also be at the King Edward VII Upper School Christmas Fayre on Monday 10th December.




-We hope to see you soon and will keep you updated!




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The debut of the tinsel ties! Things have gone up for us!

Today we sold at Hillsborough Leisure Centre and now i feel so happy!


Today was the debut of the tinsel ties, our Christmas specials, tinsel hair ties made of special wool that is UNITCHY! They sold really well and we wil be making more for upcoming sales.


So, as we were saying, we sold at Hillsborough Leisure Centre today and when we came in we had £20.91.






Building suspense...







When we left we had £119.31


Yep, in a day we've made nearly £100.


And the best part is, we will be at the Moor Market along with all of the other wonderful teams who won the flying start next week (Saturday 8th December)!


Congratulations to everyone who won and to those of you that entered and didn't, don't worry, you're still BRILLIANT! :)


We're thrilled today was so succesful and we'd like to say a special thanks to; Harry (izzy's old friend) for helping us out today, all of the staff at Hillsborough Leisure Centre and everyone who bought our products!


A big HELLO to Ambrosial, the other team we met today, Izzy and her Dad are sipping their tea as we type this. :)


And Thanks to our Families for supporting us so much! :)


-Hope to see you all next week!



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The good news doesn't end (or start) with the Moor Market!

Ok, so i got a bit carried away,


I forgot to mention we will also be selling at Hillsborough Leisure Centre...oops!


On the first of December we will be at Hillsborough Leisure Centre ALL DAY! YAY! :)


Make sure you can come or you'll be missing out!


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