I have a new Instagram page!

Good evening all! I hope you are all okay.

I wanted to first of all say that to start the new year off, there's a huge sale on the website (link under bio) where everything is up to 50% off until the 21st January 2021! Shop now to receive the best prices!

I also came to say that there in now an Instagram account to market GrretingsToAll's products make sure to check that out now as well. The instagram account is @greetingsstoall. Stay tuned for anymore updates.

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Happy new year!

Happy new year to everyone. I think we are all glad to be in a different year others than 2020. I will continue to market products on the website and here on the website blog. if you wish to contact me, please use the business email. (greetingsstoall@gmail.com). I also have been working on my marketing and media entry. Don't forget to check into the live chat on Tuesday. Again, I wish you all a happy new year. Thank you.


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I will be going live!

Good afternoon evryone, I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

As some of you may know, I now have a website and email (greetingsstoall@gmail.com ) where products are or where I can be contacted. So I have decided that I will be going live on the website in case people have anymore questions or would like to make any online purchases. If you go on the website there will be a box in the bottom right hand corner which says 'let's chat' or it may be a chat sign. You can click that which will open the live right up. The live wil take place on Tuesday 5th January at 5pm - 5:30pm so be sure to be there!

Thank you, have a great new year and I hope to see you on the chat.


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A New Collection Out Soon

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas yesterday and a happy time. I just wanted to say that some new cards will be coming out soon for the new year so be show to check out our website (click under the logo) to check it out in the upcoming year.


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There Is A Sale!!

Good evening everyone.

During the Christmas season, GreetingsToAll will be having a Christmas sale on the Christmas cards and the sale is up to 20% off. Be sure to check out the new website to see some of the cards now. Stay tuned for any more updates.


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I Have A Website

Good afternoon to everyone. Hope you are all taking care.

I have been working these past few weeks and finally I have made a website for GreetingsToAll and it is published on the internet. Clink on the link underneath the logo if you would like to check it out. Stay tuned for anymore updates.


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Our First Complete Set!

I have made the first complete set of different cards, which include happy birthday, thank you, see you soon and some Christmas cards as well.(They also range in different sizes as well). Please don't hesitate to contact me ( greetingsstoall@gmail.com) to purchase any of our products. A website is coming soon so stay tuned.

Price of the card range between £1 - £1.30.

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