Thank you!

Thank you everyone who supported us throughout the course of the BiG Challenge! We weren't expecting to win, but are feeling very excited!

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Target Reached!

We have now reached our target of £500! 

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We have now successfully made a website! Here is the link:

Alternitavely, you can click ‘visit website ‘

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Where and when to buy

On Sunday 6th of December we will be selling outside 58 Southgrove road from 10-12am and outside 28 Wigfull road from 2-5pm.

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Selling our buffs

We have now sold a total of 15 buffs! You can now also customise your buff by telling us your prefered colours and whether you want it lined. You can also have a stripy buff if you can't decide on a colour! We also do team buffs, we can make them based on your teams colours eg. Sheffield United, SYO, Dark Peak etc.

On the first weekend after lockdown, we will be selling at the top of dover road,sheffield. We will tell you more when the time has been agreed.

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£30 return

Yesterday we gave back the our £30. 😅

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We have had many donations of t-shirts and wool, to help our business run smoothly. As we have had 2 major donations, we have given away 2 free buffs! 

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