thank you!

we would all just like to say a big thankyou for this oppurtunity, we are very grateful. And we hope every one else has enjoyed it as much as ourselves. we are very grateful to of had this oppurtunity. thankyou, to every one who has supported our buisness in any way possible and the people who created this event and helped out or else we wouldnt of had this oppurtunity in the first place!

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before the christmas break we held some stalls at school, on the first day we didnt get as many sales as we hoped, but on the second day we sold out of all our candles and earend over £100! we are very grateful. And we hope every one else did well and achieved their goals! 

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After we had made our first sale we got many other sales coming in. We ended up selling a total of 38 candles all together and made £93! We only made 40 candles altogrther so we almost have complet;ey sold out! we are so greatful for everything! 

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First sale!

This morning we made all of our candles ,we made 40 altogether. We had our first sale right after making them. This person ordered a choclate scented candle and a vanilla scented candle. These were only £5.00 for both candles. 

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We have now recived all of our supplies to start making the candles. We are looking forward to this very much! Goodbye. 

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social media!

Our Lush lights business has decided to set up a instagram and tiktik account! 

-instagram- lush_lightsx

-tiktok- lush_lightsx 

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About Us!

Hello, we are Lush Lights, a candle making buisness. We are starting this business to hopefully make people happy. We think this will be a succsesful business idea since people might use candles from wanting a nice aroma to fill your house to needing light in a black out. Thankyou so much for taking your  time to reaad this from Lush Lights!

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