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This is the link to our website where you can see different sizd dogs modelling them and you can also view our fabric designs:



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Hello! Welcome to our blogs!

hey there!

Welcome to the new Petsy&Pooch Blog page! From now on, we will be posting regularly, and informing everyone about updates and upcoming events! Be sure to check out our Instagram pages for even more updates:


We have our main Instagram account: 



We also have another account that is used mainly for modelling and promoting our company:



We also have a website and an email that are linked on our main Instagram page!

you can order through both the website and the email. The catalogue (which contains our fabrics) is on our website and can be emailed too! 

For more updates on our business be sure to keep checking the big challenge website for new blogs! 

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You can now order our reversible bandanas

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