A new deal

We now have a offer going around - for buy one get one free. Every person who buy a pom-pom will also be given a braclet made by us. The pictures are shown on the side or if you view this whole story. There is also a short clip to see how we make them. We have made the braclets by hand, so they are given to customers of Scarlet Crafts.

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Come and buy our pom-poms

Our pom-poms are homemade. We buy the wool and we make them. We also sell them for cheap prices and we will tell you the price before purchasing if you would like to know. We sell to anyone how would like to buy our pom-poms. They are so soft because of the wool, which also make them comfortable to touch and feel. You can use hook them onto things like bags and pencil cases .  We sell them in our school and as we grow, we will continue to sell them more wider to other areas too. So come, everyone is welcome to buy are products and buy as much as you would like - there's some for everyone.

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