Presentation done!

We did our presentation (one of us!) yesterday and we felt it went really well! Well done to all the teams who presented and we are proud of ourselves even if we don’t get through to the awards ceremony!

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This is not the end!

We are so excited to have been shortlisted and are currently working extremely hard to produce a presentation to impress the judges, but after this, it will not be the end of something sweet! We have decided that we will be continuing our business after this challenge is over as we have enjoyed it so much😊🍪

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We have been shortlisted !!

We would just like to say congratulations to every group who have been shortlisted.

We’re so grateful for this opportunity and hopefully everybody does amazing in the presentations, we hope we will! 


Something Sweet🍪

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Successful Sales!

We would just like to say a big thankyou to everybody who has attended our sales so far! we are please to report that they have gone very sucessfully and if you would like to get any information about any upcoming sales or other information about our business, make sure you follow @something,sweet,official on instagram! 


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Social Medias!

We have an instagram account~ @something.sweet.official

You can make any enquiries~

Please check out our Facebook page!~ @something.sweet.official

We have poll questions up on our instagram account so go and vote on them to give us feedback on our business!


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