Our little deal.

A month or so back we were advised by a buissnes man called Shane to make packets of seeds that we can give to people who buy from our stall.the idea was that because a 250 year old oak tree had fallen down,they can go and plant some more trees. Unfortunately we don't have any acorns on the trees near us so we had to buy them from a craft store.

People loved it! There was a few people who said they didn't have a garden so we recommend them planting it in a park.thay seemed quite happy to do that.some poeple just smiled when gave to them, or said "thanks" or "what a good idea!". They were a few people who were REALLY impressed by it, they said where they would plant and that they might give it to their sister to plant. There was one lady that was very happy with our service and said "even though I don't have a garden, my sister is going on holiday to the Alps next so I'll give it to her so she can plant it over there". We all appreciate that she was so thoughtful and  didnt just putt in the bin or decide to forget about it. 

We're all really glad Shane gave us this idea as we think it went down a charm. 

~Hannah Thornton

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We have made £450 following our very succsesful stall at Yorkshire Bank and another sale online! We are really pleased to have made so much in only 3 months!


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How our second stall at Yorkshire Bank went.

Today went really well as we made £86.60. This was not as much as last time we were at Yorkshire bank on Fargate in Sheffield but we still made lots of money. Everyone who bought anything said the prices were just right or lower than they expected.

We sold all but one of the reindeers same as the small tea light, we sold 5/6 of the coasters and some of the log candle holders.

We didn’t sell any of the broomsticks, not because they were over priced but I think they were a bit too big to carry.


Louis Yip

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