Broomstick sales!

A while ago before christmas we sold two broomstick to a woman named Luiza,for her childrens christmas presents.

Her children iked them so much that she reccomended them to a friend for her childeren. 

we are pleased that the lady liked them as she ended up buying two! With a total cost of £30 

We are extreamly please with this as it shows that our products are being loved and recomend to different friends.



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Behind the scenes on our video advert!

Hi everyone, 

We have uploaded a behind the scenes on our youtube channel, from our video advert for our recipe book holders. 

Check it out here: watch


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The Final Chapter in our BIG Challenge Journey...

Our final report has been submitted and we are very pleased with the way it has turned out. We are looking forward to seeing Treecrafts grow as a buisness and are exited to see all the many more oppotunites it has to offer.

All of us from treecrafts have loved taking part in the BIG Challenge and are sad to see it come to a end, however it would not be the last you see of us.

We will still be about attending different stalls we hope to see you at some in the future.

The big challenge will not be the end of this buisness, it is only the begining to an exciting journey.


~Naomi Thornton~

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