Final Presentation Results

Last Wednesday we attended the BiG Challnege final presentation where we presented a pitch to the judges. We felt that it had gone very well and we were thrilled with how we performed. It turns out we did do well! We have got through to the final lot of businesses and we are going to the final meal to receive our awards. We would just like to say thank you for this opportunity. We have loved it and we just hope that on Wednesday 28th March we come out with a good result. 


So so thank you for this opportunity and we really appreciate it!


Overall we have made £462.50 and we are really grateful for any help we have received and I hope that everybody else who have taken part in this project have enjoyed the experience as much as we have. 



DIY Decos

DIY Decos make you smile to your toes!


Maddie, Alisha, Isabelle and Holly! 

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Flying Start awards!


We went to the flying start awards ceremony today and we came 3rd! Also, we raised £23. This takes our total profits up to £281! We are so happy. We also recieved £25 from the awards which we are paying for our supplies with.

Thanks for all the support.

DIY Decos 

DIY Decos make you smile to your toes!

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Sent the entry! We are pleased with it! Also, some better quality pictures of the trees. Made £60.




No, not £60! £140 already!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!


DIY Decos

DIY Decos make you smile to your toes!

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