Making our pin badges!

Here's a reel and posts we made giving an insight to the process behind our pin badges and promoting them :) this was cross posted on multiple socials

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Positive feedback!

Having feedback from customers has been one of the best parts of having a small business , here's some photos and messages we've received from customers recently! 

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Sold out and restocking

Since our Etsy restock some of our products have sold out , so we're now restocking with new products :) 

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Packing orders + final report

Final report has been submitted! But this is just the beginning , we've had the chance to package many new orders recently and get them sent to their new homes!

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The Etsy restock

the etsy restock went live on the 27th of jan and we made sales immedietly! we are very excited to pack these orders and get them sent off :) 

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restocking our etsy!

we are going to be restocking our etsy / selling online outside of etsy whilst promoting it on social medais for this final week of the big challange :) 

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Recent order, with feedback from commissioner and social media update!

Completed an order recently and had great feedback from the commissioner , which they posted publicly and in return we gained more interest in our work! We also decided to post our updates on more than one account for more social media reach which has helped to push our work further. 

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