Our First Post!

Hello and welcome to our page!

This is our first post for the 2017/2018 BiG challenge and we are so excited to share our product with the public.

If you did not know, we are planning to construct and sell reusable calendars that display the month and the date. The calendars are a great addition to any room and look homely, decorative and welcoming to any visitors who may enter your household!

Unfortunately, at this current date, we aren't selling the calendars, however we will be extremely busy around Christmas so you can come and check us out at a local fair (we will be announcing specific places and dates shortly). 

For now, we will keep you updated about some special secret projects that we are running currently! 

Thank you for reading,  

Niamh Kitson, Custom Calendars social media representative 

Posted on 2017-10-24 19:18:16 View full story

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