Orders and our first fayre!


We attended our first fayre and sold 18 sweet cones and sweet kebabs! We were extemely proud of how many we sold as our teammates who also attended the fayre didn't sell alot which was surprising. We made £27 which was added to the money we had also made on orders which we have received off of social media. We got a huge amount of 41 sweet cones ordered which made us £61.50 and a kindly received tip of £1.

If you would like to order some of our products then you can contact us via supersweetcones@gmail.com


Super Sweet Cones

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We are ready!


Yesterday, we spent a full day making our products (pictures if you click on "view full story" at the bottom of the post)! We made 12 blue cones and 13 pink cones and our recently introduced, suprise product, sweet kebabs, which we made 5 of. We will be selling them at Windmill Hill's Christmas Fayre on Friday 8th December, 3-6pm for £1.50 each!

We will be uploading some photos on to our Instagram to promote our products and we have also asked our parents to upload photos onto their Facebook to advertise our product so their friends can purchase them for Christmas parties/celebrations or even for stocking fillers! We can't wait for our products to get orders and for them to be purchased!

Keep checking back for more exciting updates!

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Appearance at Windmill Hill Primary School!


We are just confirming that we will definitely be appearing at the Windmill Hill Christmas Fayre if you want to come and buy some of our sweet cones. It is on the 8th of December 3pm-6pm. Our sweet cones are £2 and we will be selling 3 different cones; blue cones, pink cones and some suprise festive christmas cones.

 We hope to see you there. Don't forget to email us for requests on cones using the email supersweetcones@gmail.com 

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