joy in a jar '3'


we are making joysin ajar it is a bunch of christmas things like fake snow and gliter in a docorative jar. for christmas we are saying about £2.50

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pictures 💎



this is kora Garretty from thediydarlings

we are struggling to add in picturs at the moment so if anyone knows how to then please help us,

soo get exited because you will be seeing some pictures and maybe even videos of us making the jars!!

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losing a member 😓

I am very sorry but i think that Layla and Vinny (virgina) may be leaving the DIY darlings as they have failed to show up to our weekly meetings and have not answerd any of our messages, it may not be true but if they dont want to be in our group they dont have to, we do not force any of our members to do things they do not want.

We will do our best to keep them but as I said we do not force any of our team to do something they do not want to, this will be a struggle to our team as they were valuble members ( as all of us are ) but we may be able to sort some thing out,

we will let you know further next week,

many thanks

the diy dalings

Kora Garretty. 😓😡

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