Selling at the Moor Market (In December)

On a Saturday/Sunday in December, we are going to be selling at the Moor Market so that you can get a nice present to give to anyone Just before Christmas. 

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We are selling soon (Accepting card payment)

We can accept card payment and phone payment (including America Express). We will be selling sometime in december but do not know the exact time. Defintely before Christmas so you can get your stocking filled with our goods.

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Follow us on Instagram @planet.b__

We have made an instagram account for our company follow us so you can find more about us. Our instagram link is this>


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First Sales!

Today we sold 14 toothbrushes and 8 toothbrush tubes. We went door to door on Dobcroft and Courtworth road and we made £67.40 revenue and made £51.04 profit. 

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