Instagram growth!

As a team we are are extremely happy with both the growth on our Depop and now our Instagram. Having a social media presence for us is a huge advantage as it increases the total number people who see our items. We are happy to celebrate having over 1,000 followers from 0 in the space of a few months!!!!

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Proud to announce Depop Growth...

Since the start of our adventure into the business, we have experienced significant growth on our social media pages.

On Depop, the app where we mostly sell our clothes on, we have gone from 0 to around 1800 followers. This is a number that we could not of imagined a couple months ago and as a team we are proud to have achieved this.

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Incredible sale boosts our profits!!!

As a team, we are happy to say that we have sold our second item of significance.

For a price of £900 and a total profit of £260, we sold a pair of Christian Louboutin Aurelien [DEADSTOCK] shoes. This pair was in size 9.5 and was sold on our Depop...

This now takes our total profit to £629...


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TNF X Supreme SS18 Rose Gold parka [SOLD]...

Alba Elefanti is happy to report that we have sold our first item of clothing for £550. Depop took a 10% fee leaving us with £495 and a grand total profit of £369.. - Depop - Instagram

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TNF.Supreme Rose Gold parka (DeadStock) up for sale..

Back in SS18 I managed to cop on drop this item, since then it has increased in price and a worthy investment. Going for £600 on Depop. - Depop - Indtagram


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