Monday 18th December

On Monday the 18th of December at KES VII Upper school where we are selling our products come and check us out.

Pens £2.00   Tree decorations £3.00  Necklaces £3.00

Name plaque £6.00 Scarves £10.00 Paper hedgehogs £2.50

We can also take orders to pick up at KES (lower school)

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Beth= bethcrolla@kes.sheffield.sch/com


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Saturday Stalls

On Saturday 9th of december we will be hosting a stall at wesley hall. come and enjoy the fun. If you don't have money on you then we also take orders.

name plaques= £6

Scarves= £12 £10

Pendants= £5 £3

Personalized orders don't cost a penny more than straight off our stall. see you when we sell.

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