Weasel hosting final report results?

After hours and hours of working on our final report it all paid off! We have been shortlisted and we will be showing our presentation to the panel of judges !

thanks again 

Weasel hosting 

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The end

we haven’t had the opertunity to post much as we have worked extremely hard as a team to get our final report as  exquisite as possible, after all our work we do hope it will pay off!


Weasel hosting 

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New year updates

As we have recently come back to school we have finally had the chance to get updates in our team, we had seen a increase in our profits but it was much greater than we could of ever anticipated! As we have bought new severs before the holidays which cost about £150 . The last time we did this our money nearly doubled so we thought we should do it again. And our profits increased yet again! So now we are looking at total revenue  at £1,182 or $1600 !

Weasel hosting 

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