We are noiw coming to the end of the big challenge! we are currently filling our final report in and we hope to continue our buissness in the future! 

We thank everone who bought from our stall and gave us support throughout the big challenge!

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Our sale at the Christmas fair was a big success. Our small Christmas decorations were a big success, as were some of the products we knit. We now have an upcoming sale on the 12th of December at school. 

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Hillsborough Leisure Center!

Our Sale at Hillsborough Leisure Centre was a success and we hope to sell at another Big Challenge fair in the future.

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We are currently working on getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fair the our school will be holding. We are also going to be at the selling opportunity at Hillsborough Leisure Centre on Saturday 24th of November, so we are currently getting ready for these two events. For our Tree in the Tube product we are giving people a 50p discount if they bring us an empty glue stick that we use for making the product.

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New Christmas Products!

We have now started to make our Christmas Products.

One product that we are currently working, on is a decoration you can put on your christmas tree, it is filled up with sweet and they are decorated as a mini christmas tree, santa, or an elf. they are made of plastic cups, which otherwise would have been thrown away.

We are also developing an idea of an Advent Calender, which will be made of 23 small cups  that will have sweets in the and one big cup that will have a few sweets in them.

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Big Challenge Sale!

We had a Big Challenge Sale on the 15th of October, where all the Big Challenge groups sold their products, we had our own table where we sold our products. At the sale made £5.65, and got roughly 6 orders for our personalised keyrings. Altogether we made aproximately £15 with pre orders and direct sales.

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We Now have a Online shop that you can buy our products from!

Just go to our website: genesisbigchallenge.wixsite.com/website 

Then just press Shop on top right hand corner, we have not yet started taking orders but we will be starting soon!

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