On Saturday 9th of Decemmber we went down to High Storrs Christmas fair and we made £40 in sales managed to get a few orders as well. 

We made a few new frames, including paddington and alice in wonderland.

Weare next selling at King Edwards vii Upper school on Monday 18th, so be sure to come down and see us! 

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We have had a number of orders from various people, and have even introduced a new package! You can now buy three custom made frames for £11, saving £4 as comissions usually cost £5 each!

Also, we may be introducing a Christmas range, which we are designing and sampling now! 


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Highlight of the week:

On Sunday 22nd October, we went to Whirlow Hall Farm for the table top sale, which lasted from 10:30-14:00. Whilst we didn't have the most successful day selling wise, it was a good learning experience. After a slow start in the morning, things soon picked up and we sold a few fra,es, and even got a few orders; Harrry Potter was very poular, along with Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars and Naughts and Crosses.

We learnt a lot at the sale, like how to properly engage and interact with the customers and get them intersted in our product and of course how to be patient.

What we need to do now is look at which books are the most popular and what age we are aiming our frames to be at. For example, we should proably do some Rhoald Dahl and David Walliams books for younger children, as the books we are selling now are quite sophisticated and for older children.

So, our aim for next week is to produce some more stock for a different age group, and for the Y7 Open Evening on November 13th. We won't need to spend money on frames for a while, as we have some left over from the sale, therefore saving money.

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