Our Yorkshire Bank set up!

So we found out that Yorkshire Bank was offering a free table inside the bank for us to sell our products and we decided to go ahead with this idea as we believed it would be very successful. And it was! We sold many poducts but also marketed our business in a nice and creative way for everyone to see.

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Our first stall set up!

The first time we set up a stall in order to market our business.We found out that Silverdale School was going to have a parents evening for Y13 sixth formers on 21st Novermber so we took this as a chance to market our business and sell some of our products with a full set up as at the beginning we just sold the cones to children rather then setting up a table.It turned out to be a very successful night as we sold many and were requested to make some christmas style cones for the headteacher who was very pleased with the outcome.

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Establishing our social media!

On beginning the business of assorted different candy in cones , bags and hampers we thought about how we can reach out to as many people as possible and gain lots of potential customers.Then, finally! We thought of this great idea of creating a social media as our target audience was the younger generation who look to purchase sweets often and also they use social media. So by creating this social media account we can  become a piece of great eye candy ;) for not only the younger genration but all users of social media.

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