We are still selling !!

This is just the beginning for our bussiness and we will continue to sell 😊🐶 We have some more orders to pack up and send to more delightful dogs and their owners. We have really enjoyed our experience with the BiG Challenge competition and have learnt some very useful life skills. Thank you !!

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Final report

We have sent off our final report! We worked really hard on it and hope to do well. Well done to everyone who has sent theirs off today. We also made a video outlining our bussiness which was a little challenging to do but we managed to film it sucessfully. 

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We won marketing and media !!

We won the marketing and media competition along with Klover!! Well done to everyone who entered and a big thank you to everyone who has helped us so far. We worked really hard on our entry and are very pleased that it payed off. 

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We have made an international sale!!

We have sold two of our bandannas to the Republic of Ireland!! Anytime an order comes in we are very exited but this one was very special. Don't they look great! 

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We have made £145 from our Delightful Dog Accessories sales. Thank you to everybody who has purchased one of our bandannas or masks!!! We are very grateful to you all. We will continue selling our products. Remember we're donating half of the profits to charity!!!

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Happy new year everyone!!

We wish you a very happy 2021 and hope that it will be better than 2020 (hopefully this shouldn't be to difficult 😊)  we continue to sell on eBay, on our website through DM and through our email so if you would like to purchase any of our products we are still selling. We are also working on our marketing and media entry.  

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Our first online purchase !!!!

We really can't tell you how exited we are to have received our first online purchase this morning!! Hopefully there will be more to come 😊 

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