♦ Pitching to the judges ♦


We have just been to DLA Pipers Office and we have pitched Fantasize to the judges. It went very well and we have our fingers crossed that we will go even further. We are very proud and happy that we have got this far.



Fantasize x

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♦ Made in Sheffield Award ♦

We have been selected for the Made in Sheffield Award and we have just completed the Report to enter!

Fantasize x

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♦ Finals Here We Come ♦

We are very excited and happy to be pitching our business to the Judges on the 7th of March.

We're busy preparing our presentation and pitch so we do the best we possibly can. 

Thanks to everyone that has supported us through this, we are very appreciative.

Good luck to anyone else who will be there too,

Fantasize x

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