Our first online sale went very sucsesfully to a lovely woman called Luiza. 

She was emailed us on the monday inquiring about a broomstick for her 6 year old son as a christmas present for him as they were reading the harry potter book series, and decided this would be a perfect present for her son.

We ansered all her questions about our product and we had a broomstick dropped off at her house the next day  

Luiza was extreamly pleased with our product and the quality of it. She even emailed us later that day to ask for another one, this time for her daughter.

I am extremly happy with how this sale went as it went better than we could of expected making a whooping £30 in total. I am extremly please that she found our prouduct good enough to buy another one.

All of use are looking forward to see how the broomsticks progress in the future as we see this as a step in the right directions for the broomstick's sales.


~Naomi Thornton~

Posted on 2017-11-29 10:10:35