Hi guys, we wanted to give you a bit of information on our products so here it is!


Lavender Bath Bomb £3.50

With lavender essentiel oil and real sprigs of dried lavender, this bath bomb will turn your bath into a beautiful, purple paradise


Lemon Bath Bomb £3.50 

This sunny, yellow bath bomb will leave you and your bath smelling just like a yummy, lemon drizzle cake


Raspberry Bath Bomb £3.50

Who doesn't love a pink, fruity bath once in a while?


2 Scent Bath Bomb £3.75

If you can't decide which bath bomb to choose, we've got you covered; with this bath bomb you can pick two different scents and have half and half


3 Scent Bath Bomb £4

Really just can't pick a scent? With this bath bomb you can have a bit of each


Lavender Bath Salts £3

The lavender essentiel oil used in these bath salts can reduce anxiety and stress, protect against diabetes, improve brain function, help heal burns and wounds, improve ability to fall asleep and sleep quality, restore skin complexion and reduce acne


Lemon Bath Salts £3

The lemon essentiel oil used in these bath salts can improve mood and concentration and help with fever, infections, asthma, obesity, skin disorders, hair condition, stomach problems and fatigue


Raspberry Bath Salts £3


The raspberry seed oil used in these bath salts can help treat eczema and reduce wrinkles, it also smells amazing

Posted on 2018-10-23 14:01:03