So it may seem like we have been a little bit absent these past few weeks but don't worry!

We have been working hard on our website and our Video carteen animations and guess what.

You can now buy our products online, anywhere time anywhere. All you need in an internet acces and a Bank card to pay online with!

This means we can truly begin to expand our buisness now without being limited to stall location and the limited time that would be selling there.

And guess what comes with us working on our animations?

We have loads more content and videoes you can watch each day of the month by signing up to our subscription. This means you can get a new animation, one everyday of the month. Yes you heard us right. There is 31 new cartoon clips you can watch and enjoy.

Incase you havent seen it on our blog page, the link you our websie is:

You can buy our products through that link. If you have any enquireiys about it, feel free to email us at .


Posted on 2019-01-28 10:22:36