Over the holidays we have been brainstorming on ideas to reach new customers.

How many people would you say checks their phone every morning and how many of them that don’t do this, check their email or a messaging app (or have the opportunity to) daily? The answer is a lot of people.

Very soon you will be able to buy and email version of our product over our website! This is great because our audience reach is now not limited to the UK and can sell to others abroad!

We will do this by sending customers an email a day for 31 days until the end of their subscription. They will now have to option to pay online as we are setting up payment over the internet through our website.

However, we also have another little bonus that comes along with us now sending our products over emails. As you might know, we have video cartoon adverts that complement a few of our topics (if you haven’t seen them check them out on our homepage or YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqTDk4rAR_ep8OW5IcadqSQ). We have been working on drawing and putting together a full set so instead of just reading something each day, you can watch a funny animation to go with it for the whole month.

Without working toward setting our business to go partly online we wouldn’t have had a way to send them out to customers. However, it was our customers sheer love for our animations that they have seen at the stall that made us decide to find the best way to make use of them and sell them, so customers can enjoy a different one each day. We think this will also be another added bonus as we could easily have repeat customers as they are simply an email away. At the end of each set we could ask them how they found it and if they would be interested in any of our other topics/offers.

We are in the process of brainstorming possible prices to find a price that will sell well (in the UK and other countries).

So far, we are thinking £2 for our normal topics with just the quote and £4.50 for the video animation.

Posted on 2019-01-02 16:43:46